Mobile Clinics

Mobile Dental Services has spared no expense in our efforts to provide patients with the highest level of care. Our clinics are modern, luxurious, and feature all that modern dentistry has to offer.


Self supported for power and water, all this is required is a level space to operate. The clinics also feature wheelchair access – there is no stairs to climb!


The latest in digital imaging techniques will help identify your dental needs and refine your treatment plan. Offering both OPG


Dental lasers are capable of cutting and reshaping hard and soft tissue. This means that teeth, bone and gums can be almost painlessly modified to effect new restorations and gum recontouring often avoiding invasive surgical techniques. This means faster and less painful healing times, these lasers can really vastly improve the quality of your care.


IMG_9472CEREC porcelain restorations are made ‘on site’ in a single visit – no need for uncomfortable impressions or a return visit. These are very accurate restorations that can be made as fillings, crowns, or veneers in one visit. They can also be glazed to achieve that perfect aesthetic result. Other than looks and strength, these fillings have the added benefit of being specifically designed to match the physical characteristics of the tooth structure itself, as teeth are heated and cooled they expand and contract. CEREC porcelain expands and contracts at very close to the same rate. This eliminates stresses and strains between tooth and the restoration that often causes the failure of other fillings.


Root canal therapy is made easier at Mobile Dental Services by a rotary drilling machine specially designed for the job. Also assisting in any very fine and detailed work are operation microscopes that can be used to magnify our field of work by up to 20x, thereby providing for the most accurate work possible, images can be projected onto a TV monitor for easy viewing.


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